Own hatching tips - hatch with HHD incubator

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Own hatching tips - hatch with HHD incubator

Appreciated you choice HHD egg incubator solution. The mini series incubator is perfect for own backyard chicken raising, and birds pet own hatching.
Hatching is simple, right temp & humid condition. Hatching in high rate is not. Some of our user may first time using such a machine. There are some skills you may need to know using HHD egg incubator machine.
1.Set the hatching temp for your specific eggs. Our default setting is 38℃, and alarm when humid lower than 45%. You can also set during hatching, for different temp for different hatching period.
2.If the outside temp is low, you can keep the machine in a warm environment. And you can keep our foam protection cover the machine when hatching. It’s can be energy efficient.
3.If the machine can’t reach the default temp for long. You can try use a hair dryer, blow hot air into the incubator, or add hot water in the water channel. It’s happens only for some extreme cold weather.
4.Prepare for the eggs, better under week old, must be fertilized egg. And make sure the parent is health and active! Check previous HHD hatching tips egg hygiene and stock tipes.
5.When you put the eggs in the egg tray, please make sure the large round side up. For manual turning no egg tray machine, you can just keep the egg lie on the base net.
6.If you need open the cover, make sure don’t keep the machine open for long, especially in cold weather, the egg temp will drop much, and hurt the chick.
7.Keep the power all the time!!! The machine is auto control design, will be low power consumption.
8.For some electrical power failure often area, we have dual power solution, can be DC12V battery backup input.
9.The egg tray auto turning each 2 hours, please make sure your put the right size of egg in the tray, in case of small size egg fall when turning. Some of our machine available in birds egg tray version besides the normal chicken egg tray.
10.When most of the egg on the way break out after Day18. You take out of the egg tray, and put the egg one side, and chicks one side, make sure don’t put the chicks on the egg tray. Or it will get hurt when egg turning.
And for most hatching failure, please kindly check the HHD previous hatching tips the checklist of hatching faults.
Happy hatching! And Contact HHD of your questions, suggestion and comments is welcome.
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