HHD new release- super mini 4 eggs incubator

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HHD new release- super mini 4 eggs incubator
HHD been research for the super mini 4 eggs incubator for more than 10 month, and the latest mold been aging for more than 1 month in the workshop!

Here is the specification of it:
Capacity: 4 chicken eggs
Display: LED digital display
Display factor: Onsite temperature ℃
Egg tray: 4 holes tray
Input: AC110/220V
AC plug (EU / UK / US / AU type all available)
Material: PP
Clear green cover lid, milk bottom body
Water-add method: open incubator
Function: egg hatching
Auto Temp control
Temp limit break alarm
Egg turning method: Manual (open lid to turn)
Weight: 0.27 kg
Certification: CE
Max power: 15W
Package size: 12*12*13cm / 12sets carton 38*26*28cm

The machine with many upgrade in material.
1) Turbo fan, better efficient and more powerful wind.
2) Ceramic electric heater, energy saving,
3) Environmental protection PP material, perfect for children use.

And it's in super economic price! Contact HHD sales for more information!!
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