EW9-4: New standard for mini egg incubator machine

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EW9-4: New standard for mini egg incubator machine
HHD focus on supply stable egg incubator. HHD mini egg incubator been in the market for long, the failure rate is low. we are searching new economic solution to make it lower!

In June 2017, HHD have upgrade fan and heater in its new model: EW9-4. it's not just release of a new model, it's come with two important upgrade:
turbine fan & Ceramic heating element!

The main parts of the incubator is controller and heating system. the fan and the heater always be the most important parts. how the new heating system benefit the incubator?

Turbine fan
1) Better efficient
2) Lower noise level
3) All direction wind, large wind power

Ceramic heating element
1) Better efficient, energy saving.
2) Linear heating, better control of the temp
3) Long life-spam, directly increase the life-spam of the incubator
4) Even heating
5) Save operation
6) Environment friendly material

The operation of the incubator is much better than normal model. It's gonna be new standard for mini egg incubator machine.

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