Top selling 12 egg incubator

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Top selling 12 egg incubator
1. ABS material, more durable & environmental
2. LED efficient egg testing function
3. Turbo fan without noise & Moisture proof
4. Automatic egg turning, Simulating original hen hatching method
5. Sliding egg tray holder, Non-resistance ice skate slide design
6. Overheating protection device
7. New heat dissipation technology, achieve balanced temperature
8. It can hatch 4 goose eggs/ 9 duck eggs/ 12 chicken eggs/ 35 quail eggs
9. Spill hole design
10. Visible Customized foam protection, keeping better temperature & humidity
11. Safe concealed power outlet
12. Stainless steel screw
13. Heating circulating system run from left to right thoroughly, realized omni-directional constant temperature
14. No gap between up lid and base

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