• product code:EW-112
  • Market reference price$48.00
  • 2 floor egg incubator, home hold hatching box

  • 48.1K

    The EW-112 is 2 floor design egg incubator, large egg capacity.
    This hatching box for home hold, auto egg turning, automatic control. temperature and humidity display onsite. egg turning each 2 hours. double fan to make temperature uniform. high hatching rate machine for family use!
    Model: EW-112
    Usage: Bird, Chicken, Duck, Reptile, Turkey, quail egg hatching
    Egg Capacity: 112 chicken eggs 264 quail eggs
    Condition: New
    Place of Origin: Jiangxi, China (Mainland)
    Brand Name: HHD
    Size: 58*54*32cm
    Voltage: AC 110v,220v / DC12v AC 220&110v
    Power: Max 100w
    Certification:CE ,RoHS
    1. Mature design
    2. automatic egg-turning system, temperature control and humidity display
    3. large egg capacity
    4. automatic ventilating system, high hatching rate
    5. automatic alarm system
    1.Carton package with foam inside
    2.Dissembly part packing, will need sembly by customer
    3.Carton includes one incubator, one plug,one operation manual
    4.Send by sea & express service
    5.Delivery Time:3-5 days after payment
    1.The best price from factory directly
    2. Fast Delivery Around The Globe
    3. High Quality With CE&RoHS certificate
    4. High cost performance
    5. Safe shipping way and payment
    6. Convenient & Friendly Customer Service
    7. 1 year warranty

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