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  • bird feather plucker machine, quail slaughtering plucker

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    The EW-40 bird feather plucker machine is used to remove feather of the quail size birds slaughtering those not suit for large chicken plucker. The machine is made of stainless steel. Been upgrade for many times, the existing solution working fast clean and healthy. It is suitable for family, small factory and poultry market. With competitive price.This machine can save many work for house wives and restaurant/poultry market workers.
    Model Number: EW-40
    Usage: quail, or similar size birds feather plucker
    Capacity: 1-2 quails/min
    Condition: New
    Place of Origin: Jiangxi, China (Mainland)
    Brand Name: HHD
    Unhairing rate :more than 95%
    Capacity :0.3kg/min
    Motor speed :1400R/min
    Power :15w
    Packing size:25*25*35cm
    Gross weight:3.5kg
    Voltage: 220-240v
    Certification:CE ,RoHS, FCC
    Warranty: 1 year
    1.Used in quail and similar size birds' feather plucking
    2.Elegant in style and compact in structure
    3.With feather plucking of high efficiency
    4.Electric motor from famous factory having stable performance,high efficiency and electricity saving
    5.With easy operation and timen and energy saving
    6.Less in land,lighter in weight,easy to move and clean
    1.Carton package with foam inside
    2.MOQ:4 sets
    3.Inside package you can find: plucker , plug and operation manual
    4.Send by Express service and Sea
    5.Lead Time:3-7 days after payment
    6.Payment way:T/T, Western union ,Money Gram
    1.The best price from factory directly
    2. Fast Delivery Around The Globe
    3. High Quality With CE&RoHS certificate
    4. 3 years warranty
    5. Safe shipping way and payment
    6. Convenient & Friendly Customer Service

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