• Fully automatic EW-32S HHD 32 egg incubator

  • 48.1K

    The EW-32S egg incubator is HHD latest model, brand new design. and higher quality standard.
    The incubator with 32 chicken eggs capacity, suit for family / farm use. the incubator full automatic, Large LCD display. Temperature control. temp & humid limit break alarm. auto egg turning each 2 hours. great ventilating system, make sure high hatching rate. and this model with integrated LED bulb under each egg, easy one-button egg testing.
    the hatching machine is setter and hactcher combination. Max 80W, very quiet and energy-saving.
    Weight: 3.5kgs Size: 50*25*40cm Power: Max 80w Voltage: 110-240v Certification:CE ,RoHS
    1. New design, patented product. One touch egg testing function, LED bulb under each egg.
    2. automatic egg-turning system, temperature control and humidity display
    3. large LCD screen display
    4. automatic ventilating system, high hatching rate
    5. automatic alarm system
    6. 1 year warranty
    1.Carton package with foam inside
    2.MOQ:1 set
    3.Carton includes one incubator, one plug,one operation manual
    4.Send by sea & express service
    5.Delivery Time:3-5 days after payment
    1. High quality standard, for high-end market
    2. Fast Delivery Around The Globe
    3. High Quality With CE&RoHS certificate
    4. 1 year warranty
    5. Safe shipping way and payment
    6. Convenient & Friendly Customer Service
    7. OEM service accept

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