• Low power consumption 1320 chicken egg incubator

  • 48.1K

    Material: PP plastic
    Power: 560W
    Net weight:39.35KG
    Size: 0.815*0.58*1.41M
    MOQ: 1 set
    H360-H1320 (Blue Star) is 2018 new designed model "Blue Star"from HHD incubator manufacturer, it has big difference with our traditional induatrial incubator. We spent about 2 years to design and finish the new model, it is environmental and smaller than old model. Moreover, only HHD manufacturer can provided it, we believem it must make a new trend.
    1.Four individual heating circulating system;
    2.Hatcher and setter combined;
    3.Multiple hatching mode for chicken, quail, duck, goose;
    5.Control panel is easy to operate;
    6.No gap between each layer to reach high-efficient constant temperature;
    7.Material is PP, environmental and durable.
    8. High Quality, Shortest Lead Time,
    kraft paper box with foam inside;
    It can be sent by sea, by airplane, by express
    it has 3 years warranty;
    Payment way: TT, Western Union, Paypal or visa card

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